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The creation of Lee Lee™ Sauce has been quite a journey spanning over a period of twenty-five years or so.  Lee Barnes, also known as “Lee Lee”, grew up in southern Alabama and has lived there all his life.  While growing up, he was exposed to “country cookin’” and saw that those cooks took a tremendous amount of pride in the foods that they prepared; whether it was “home-made biscuits”, fried chicken, fried or baked cornbread, garden peas, pepper or barbecue sauce or desserts like pecan pie or apple tarts.  Everyone strived to be the best at cooking whatever it was they chose.  Such friendly competitiveness served to build exceptional character traits among family and neighbors.  That kind of personal pride and competitiveness became instilled in who Lee is today.  No matter what he undertakes to do in life, Lee strives to do his best, to do it fairly and to do it in a manner that is deserving of pride.


What is now known as “Lee Lee™ Sauce” all started when Lee was looking to find a sauce for food that he cooked on the grill; like country-style ribs, sausage, chicken, hot dogs and such.  Every sauce that he tried was too sweet, too hot or too spicy to suit him.  Some sauces would char when applied to the meat on the grill and they all seemed to cover up the flavor of the meat that he cooked.  So, Lee became exasperated and decided to try to create his own sauce.  After a time of trial and error, the goal was achieved of having a sauce that wouldn’t burn or char; that wasn’t too sweet or spicy; but that actually boosted the flavor of food without covering up the taste.


For years, Lee would take his sauce with him when he was invited to a cookout.  It was always a hit.  People told him that they had never tasted anything quite like it; that it had a little “kick” to it; but was not too hot or spicy.  Those that have eaten large servings of the sauce described it as being “progressively hot”; that the more you ate of it the warmer it became.  Without fail at every event, someone would suggest that he market “that stuff”.  He was always pleased with the praise his sauce got but never seriously considered investigating the viability of bottling the sauce for selling.

After retiring, Lee was invited by his friends, Joey and his wife Dawn, to a cookout.  He discovered that his friend, also known as “Captain Joe”, has been grilling, smoking and cooking for many years.  It would not be an understatement to say that “Captain Joe” is somewhat of an expert chef.  As usual, Lee had brought his sauce along and asked his friends to give it a try.  After adding it onto the sausage, ribs and chicken from the grill and tasting it, “Captain Joe” stated that he had tried about every kind of sauce available; that the sauce was “good stuff; the best he had ever tasted”.  He, as others had, began to encourage Lee to market the sauce. 


From that point forward, Lee and his friends decided that they would test the market for the sauce.  They gave bottles of sauce to family and friends in several states and asked them to give it to their friends and family and report to them everyone’s opinion of the taste and what they had eaten it with.  In the meantime, Lee and his friends taste tested the sauce on as many foods as possible as many ways as possible.  Through their taste testing and all that’s been reported back to them, it appeared that the sauce was good on everything; except maybe marshmallows.  People are using it as a marinade as well as for basting.   It’s great on pork, beef, chicken, fish and seafood from the grill, cooker or from the stove.  Others have tried it with red beans and rice, tuna, tacos, deviled eggs, meat loaf, chicken salad and even as a spread on a ham and turkey sandwich.  Lee Lee™ Sauce is a delicious dip for chips, vegetables, breads, crackers or on breakfast foods like eggs and sausage.   That’s why it is tagged as “The All-In-One Flavor Booster”.

Everyone always asks, “Where did you come up with that name, Lee Lee™ Sauce?”  Lee, with a big smile and his chest bursting with pride, lets them know that his “Grands” call him Lee Lee and when his friend, Joey referred to the sauce as Lee Lee™ Sauce, well, nothing was left to ponder about the name of the sauce.

Lee and everyone associated with Lee Lee™ Sauce is committed to providing a quality product with quality service that they can take pride in; the kind of pride Lee has in his grandchildren.     


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